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Our services for the artist

For you

We make sure that your music feels like home and that we both feel cozy together! You have all the time you need to achieve your visions. With us as a partner,you always find a personal and unconstrained atmosphere to give your ideas enough room for development. We set the countertrend to the hectic daily grind and stay away from commercial productions. It’s all about you, the artist. We want you to feel comfortable because it is our belief that that’s the only way for you to reach the desired goals of making the music you dream of successful. Through our professional support we guarantee you the space you need to fully unfold yourself.

To enable you to focus on your music, we, the team at dreamshelter, support and chaperon you from the songwriting to the point of the mastering, including the promotion and release of your music.

All this is provided on the best possible production level available. dreamshelter studios is equipped with the best technology. We combine the advantage of digital technology such as the sound of the analog technics. To make sure that your sound gets the depth and warmth it needs, we mix your production exactly how it matters to make it different and better – with the analog equipment.

Yeah, we can talk a lot – therefore convince yourself by the many satisfied artists we have worked with in the past:

Tom is the perfect host and a man who knows his job very well! Good equipment around. A studio surrounded by a nice garden. Space to relax after hard days work. Dreamshelter Music is the perfect place to record your songs. Go. Record. Enjoy. Dreamshelter Music by Tom Hauser is a very good address to nail your songs.

QuentinYellow, Singer Songwriter

You are the music.

Audiodelikt, Band

Dreamshelter is a very nice Studio and the producers are really great musicians with great sensivity, patience and an eye for details! Keep it up!!! :-)

Moira, Singer Songwriter

Super nice studio that I can completely recommend. Professional, creative people who offer great quality.

Philippe Krebs, Drummer

Great recording studio, really kind people! Top!

Joachim Werner, Pianist


We consult and discuss your needs and give you review about your work. Demos welcome!


We plan your projects like a Single, EP or Album production and find an individual solution.

Songwriting & composition

We support you and guide you if you have questions regarding your song or if you need songs or compositions.


We produce on the highest technical level when it comes to your music.


We mix with analog outboard equipment. That gives your production exactly that warmth and special touch that's missing in a digital environment.¹


We do masters in our own studio.²

Song tuning & finishing

Send us your demo or your already produced song via WeTransfer or server. We will give you a free feedback, prepare the song as requested and impart your music a new and energetic shape. We are going to explicate your production and mastering according to your desire.³

Label & publishing

We are an official label and offer you to publish your music.

How it works

Upload your demos or single files to WeTransfer and send us your files and your inquiry to info@dreamsheltermusic.com. We will get back to you as soon as possible – normally within two workdays. Prices exclusive 19% tax. For clients abroad: pre-tax = net

¹ Prices: Mixdown per title €250 (1 – 24 tracks) and €400 (from 25 tracks).
² Prices: from €30 per track
³ Price: on enquiry

We give music a home.